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Absinthe Resources


Wormwood Society Absinthe Association
The Wormwood Society Absinthe Association is a non-profit educational and consumer advocacy organization focused on providing current, historically and scientifically accurate information about absinthe, the most maligned and misunderstood drink in history.
The Fée Verte Absinthe Forum
The Oldest, Largest, Most Authoritative Absinthe Forum.
The Virtual Absinthe Museum
The focus of the forum is on the history of absinthe, and on the art, antiques and collectibles associated with it.
Absinthe: The Drink of the Bohemians – Absinthe Forum
Absinthe is back after a century-long ban. But what is the fascination with the highly alcoholic, mind-bending liquor known as the Green Fairy?
Ms Jekyll’s Absinthe Forum
Chasing the Green Fairy since 1997.

New York, USA. Stocks most of the absinthes now approved for US import and sale. Offers free shipping inside the US on orders over $99.
Catskill Cellars
Downsville, New York. A full selection of American absinthe as well as the better European brands. $13.50 Flat-rate shipping within the continental USA, free shipping for orders over $150

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