Drinking Crappy Absinthe

If your like myself, you have at least once been swindled into a bottle of “sub par” absinthe. I have spent $70+ on bottles that have just sat on my bar for years. The bottles are indeed nice looking in most cases. This is probably partly what drew me in. especially with Le Tourment Vert. A wonderful $55 bottle full of pale turquoise mouthwash.

Lately, I find myself indulging more and more into some great absinthes. This gets expensive as well as takes up more and more room on the bar. So I decided to figure away to make more room and drink the “crap” that cost me a fortune. I filled up a glass of ice with a shot of Le Tourment Vert and ginger ale. To my surprise, though nothing like absinthe, it was enjoyable. So I will finally finish of these few bottles I have left and make room for some PF 1901.

What do you do with your “mistakes”?

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