Hotel Delmano, Brooklyn

First we visited the cozy Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn. It was very busy on a Saturday night so we sat at the bar and ordered up some absinthe. I ordered the Delaware Phoenix Distillery (DPD) Walton Waters and Deeann ordered the Delaware Phoenix Distillery Meadow Of Love. A beautiful fountain was placed between us at the bar along with glasses, spoons and sugar. I prepared my absinth san sugar and Deeann with a cube. Cudos to DPD for some fine absinthe. I will be adding several bottles to my list. (more…)

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Absinthe Tour 2012, New York, NY


Just got back from my trip to NYC. I am not a city folk by any means but I would be lying to say I didn’t love the place. I have so many unique hobbies that finding local venues is usually difficult to impossible. My girlfriend Deeann and I made this trip about two of my interests and I can say I had my fill of both. Absinthe, which we both share a passion for, and Classic Wet Shaving.

Thanks to all of you guys on the Wormwood Society and Badger & Blade forums for pointing out some of the best places to visit in NYC on our tour.

In the next few posts I will share my experiences on our unique tour of New York, New York.

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Kudos to Tony at

I received my first absinthe fountain for Christmas this year ordered from Tony Rodríguez over at It was the beautiful absinthe fountain lady with two spigots. Well when I took it out of the box the spigot was broken off. Looks like a little malfunction on the solder. We called Tony and he said he was out of this model because of the Christmas rush. He offered to pay shipping and I could pick another fountain or have it fixed. I opted to have it fixed. When it was being fixed there was a mishap and the glass got broken. Tony offered up an upgraded 4 spigot version at no cost to me.
Tony has communicated clearly and went out of his way on this. I am sure he lost money in this transaction but he laughed it off and thanked us for our purchase.

After a little looking around I found a thread with some little negatives comment about Tony. That was a while ago, I would home the gentlemen here would give him a second look. He’s serving our community and showing great customer service to boot. We need more like him.

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