Jade 1901 Absinthe Supérieure

Jade 1901 is the creation of Theodore A. Breaux. Ted used his background in Environmental Chemistry to reverse engineer sealed bottles of pre-ban Pernod Pils from 1901. The result may be the most authentic reproduction currently on the market and a true testament of the craft in modern times.

FACTS: Jade 1901 is distilled at the Combier distillery, in Saumur, in France’s Loire Valley. The distillery was built in 1834 and all its significant equipment predates the 20th century and is also a museum. “Jade 1901 takes its name from the year in which the original Pernod Fils distillery in Pontarlier caught fire. When the distillery was rebuilt and repaired, out-dated alembics were replaced by the most modern equipment of the time. The old alembics were either destroyed by the fire and sold for scrap or sold off to smaller distilleries. The Combier Distillery purchased two of these 1100 liter stills and installed them along with the 8 smaller stills which had been a part of the distillery since 1894.” —

  • Name: Jade 1901 Absinthe Supérieure
  • Type: Verte
  • Manufacturer: Jade Liqueurs, LLC
  • Country of origin: France
  • Alcohol by volume: 68%
  • Proof: 136

Appearance (5)

Before the louche, 1901 has a rich and beautiful olive color with hints of gold. Wonderful and natural.

Louche (5)

I prepared 1901 with no sugar and a 1:3.5 ratio of absinthe to water.
Wow, very thick and it start immediately. The louche is very heave and stays at the bottom allowing for a full ratio of water to be added before the show is over. The result is a milky green/gold substance. Very opaque. You will only see translucency towards the sides of the glass at the ratio of 1:3.5.
Probably the best I have seen.

Aroma (5)

1901 may be a little too complex to my nose to discern the differences. Nothing really stick outs. I would describe it like fennel bulb. It is reminiscent of Ridge Verte. True to the pre-ban Pernod Fils, or so I am told. You have to really concentrate to distinguish the anise scent.

Flavor/Mouthfeel (5)

From the thickness produced by the louche, I got what I expected when I took a sip. I would describe this as a thick absinthe. Almost a milk texture. The wormwood is strong and along with the high alcohol content, numbs the tongue immediately. This is very pleasent and only seems to affect the tip of my tongue allowing me to enjoy the flavor. Since this is a traditional verte, you get the green vegetable taste with only a slight anise and not what I would describe as a sweet absinthe. Overall, mostly fennel and wormwood in a pleasing ratio.

Finish (4)

The wormwood bitterness lasts long as does the numbing sensation on the tip of my tongue. I did not pick up a whole lot going on and wouldn’t say the complexity changes much on the finish.

Overall (4)

This is a very good traditional verte. If you want to try absinthe in it’s truest form, look no further than Jade 1901. Personally I like the sweeter absinthes on the market like Meadows of Love.

Wormwood Society Score 4.7

Jade 1901 Absinthe Supérieure – Jade Liqueurs, LLC

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Kübler Absinthe Superieure

I personally like a variety of flavors and styles in my Absinthe den. Also, shipping absinthe to my door gets expensive and takes time. It’s nice to be able to go down to the local liquor store and pick up something when I am running dry. In comes Kübler. I always have a bottle on hand because of the previous reasons and also, I like it. No, it is not overly complex or exotic. Yes, it is a nice drink and as a matter of fact, sometimes I reach for Kübler before some of my top shelf stuff just because I enjoy it.
FACTS: Kübler Absinthe Superieure is a brand of absinthe, distilled in the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland also known as the birthplace of absinthe’.

  • Type: Absinthe
  • Manufacturer: Blackmint (Kübler & Wyss)
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • Introduced: 2007 in USA
  • Alcohol by volume: 53.0%
  • Proof: 106

Appearance (4)

Free of any color, no have or sediment. Perfect for a blanche.

Louche (4)

I like the louche of Kübler. It’s a little fast compared to some other, but not too fast.
(I actually helps when lower alcohol absinthes (53%) louche a little fast. Helps you judge when its ready as you usually use less water.)
The result here is a pretty milky pearle white. I like it.

Aroma (3)

Kübler’s aroma is very light. While it is mostly licorice, it is not overwhelming or sweet. It’s pleasant and if you take your time you will get hints of fennel bulb and well as a touch of wormwood. Not complex, but certainly pleasing.

Flavor/Mouthfeel (3)

I do prefer a slightly thicker absinthe post louche. Kübler is a little on the thin side. Especially when you consider it most will louche it with a lower water ratio due to the low alcohol content. There is a mild yet still pleasing tongue numbing.
Flavor wise matches the aroma. Mostly anise with a slight fennel and wormwood. There is a mild chemical taste but that is certainly not distracting. The alcohol burn is very low as to be expected.

Finish (2)

There is a fleeting aftertaste. It does not stick around long. While this is a drawback, it can be very refreshing as there is a palate cleansing effect. The tongue numbness sticks around a little longer than the taste.

Overall (3)

Kübler is an un-complex and simple blanche very refreshing and quite drinkable. This is a good starter for people with an untrained palate or who are just looking for a nice clean drink. Goes great with a light salad.

Wormwood Society Score 3.2

Kübler Absinthe Superieur Homepage

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Astor Wines & Spirits, Manhattan

Well after trying the absinthe Delaware Phoenix Distillery had to offer, we made are way to Astor Wines & Spirits. This is a great liquor store and has a great selection and feel. We got to try some new Mezcal (Nasty stuff) and chit chat with some knowledgable folks. We walked over to the wall of absinthe and found what we came for. A bottle of Delaware Phoenix Distillery “Meadow of Love”. Good times. We loaded the bottle into my backpack and went on to our next adventure. (more…)

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Please Don’t Tell (P.D.T.), Manhattan

The final stop on our absinthe tour, and the one that intreaged us the most was PDT. We called to a busy signal for 45 minutes the first night with no avail. The second night (Sunday) I got us a reservation. What makes PDT stand out isn’t it’s huge absinthe menu or cool fountains. It’s how you get in. You won’t find a sign to the bar on the street. What you do find is a quaint little gourmet hotdog joint called Crif Dogs. When you walk in you are greeted by a small little restaurant filled with people looking toward a vintage looking phone booth. Wait your turn, walk into the booth, pick up the phone and let the person who answers know your there. Someone will be with you when your reservation is ready. You walk in and have to remove your hat and jacket. We were seated and given a menu. Since we were there for the absinthe, that’s all we took notice of. It has a rather small selection. I ordered the Pernod aux extraits de plantes d’absinthe and Deeann ordered a glass of Emile Pernot “Vieux Pontarlier” Absinthe Francais Superieure. This is another restaurant that louches the absinthe for you. If you don’t want sugar, make sure you tell them up front. The Vieux Pontarlier was nice and Deeann enjoyed her glass. The Pernod was horrid. Nasty stuff. I had heard bad things about the Pernod but wanted to give it a go. When the waitress asked how everything was I told her. She quickly offered another absinthe. She said if your paying for something, you should enjoy it. I ordered up a glass of my favorite St. George Absinthe Verte and enjoyed it to the last drop. (more…)

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Maison Premiere, Brooklyn

Next we walked over to Maison Premiere. As soon as you walk through the doors you are welcomed by a unique fountain. It’s a replica of the fountains found in The Old Absinthe House in New Orleans. It’s unique because it’s the only one that is fully functional and in use. Once we were seated we are presented with the most amazing absinthe menu. (more…)

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