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am new. Well, I have been enjoying some variety of absinthe for a few years. But I am new to this vast knowledge base. I started with Absynthe that was at an ABC store. That at least showed me something I didn't know. Asbsinthe was anise based. I am a huge fan of Sambuca, Ouzo and Arak.

Kübler Absinthe Superieure

I personally like a variety of flavors and styles in my Absinthe den. Also, shipping absinthe to my door gets expensive and takes time. It’s nice to be able to go down to the local liquor store and pick up something when I am running dry. In comes Kübler. I always have a bottle on hand because of the previous reasons and also, I like it. No, it is not overly complex or exotic. Yes, it is a nice drink and as a matter of fact, sometimes I reach for Kübler before some of my top shelf stuff just because I enjoy it.
FACTS: Kübler Absinthe Superieure is a brand of absinthe, distilled in the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland also known as the birthplace of absinthe’.

  • Type: Absinthe
  • Manufacturer: Blackmint (Kübler & Wyss)
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • Introduced: 2007 in USA
  • Alcohol by volume: 53.0%
  • Proof: 106

Appearance (4)

Free of any color, no have or sediment. Perfect for a blanche.

Louche (4)

I like the louche of Kübler. It’s a little fast compared to some other, but not too fast.
(I actually helps when lower alcohol absinthes (53%) louche a little fast. Helps you judge when its ready as you usually use less water.)
The result here is a pretty milky pearle white. I like it.

Aroma (3)

Kübler’s aroma is very light. While it is mostly licorice, it is not overwhelming or sweet. It’s pleasant and if you take your time you will get hints of fennel bulb and well as a touch of wormwood. Not complex, but certainly pleasing.

Flavor/Mouthfeel (3)

I do prefer a slightly thicker absinthe post louche. Kübler is a little on the thin side. Especially when you consider it most will louche it with a lower water ratio due to the low alcohol content. There is a mild yet still pleasing tongue numbing.
Flavor wise matches the aroma. Mostly anise with a slight fennel and wormwood. There is a mild chemical taste but that is certainly not distracting. The alcohol burn is very low as to be expected.

Finish (2)

There is a fleeting aftertaste. It does not stick around long. While this is a drawback, it can be very refreshing as there is a palate cleansing effect. The tongue numbness sticks around a little longer than the taste.

Overall (3)

Kübler is an un-complex and simple blanche very refreshing and quite drinkable. This is a good starter for people with an untrained palate or who are just looking for a nice clean drink. Goes great with a light salad.

Wormwood Society Score 3.2

Kübler Absinthe Superieur Homepage

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Drinking Crappy Absinthe

If your like myself, you have at least once been swindled into a bottle of “sub par” absinthe. I have spent $70+ on bottles that have just sat on my bar for years. The bottles are indeed nice looking in most cases. This is probably partly what drew me in. especially with Le Tourment Vert. A wonderful $55 bottle full of pale turquoise mouthwash.

Lately, I find myself indulging more and more into some great absinthes. This gets expensive as well as takes up more and more room on the bar. So I decided to figure away to make more room and drink the “crap” that cost me a fortune. I filled up a glass of ice with a shot of Le Tourment Vert and ginger ale. To my surprise, though nothing like absinthe, it was enjoyable. So I will finally finish of these few bottles I have left and make room for some PF 1901.

What do you do with your “mistakes”?

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How to Prepare Absinthe

The maker of one of my favorite absinthe’s, St. George, shows how to prepare absinthe the traditional way.  He also does a great job of telling you a little about the absinthe effect and enjoyment.

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Sugar Cube Skulls

DemBone Sugar Cube Skulls

For the discerning gothic absintheur, Sugar Cube Skulls.

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Kudos to Tony at

I received my first absinthe fountain for Christmas this year ordered from Tony Rodríguez over at It was the beautiful absinthe fountain lady with two spigots. Well when I took it out of the box the spigot was broken off. Looks like a little malfunction on the solder. We called Tony and he said he was out of this model because of the Christmas rush. He offered to pay shipping and I could pick another fountain or have it fixed. I opted to have it fixed. When it was being fixed there was a mishap and the glass got broken. Tony offered up an upgraded 4 spigot version at no cost to me.
Tony has communicated clearly and went out of his way on this. I am sure he lost money in this transaction but he laughed it off and thanked us for our purchase.

After a little looking around I found a thread with some little negatives comment about Tony. That was a while ago, I would home the gentlemen here would give him a second look. He’s serving our community and showing great customer service to boot. We need more like him.

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