Please Don’t Tell (P.D.T.), Manhattan

The final stop on our absinthe tour, and the one that intreaged us the most was PDT. We called to a busy signal for 45 minutes the first night with no avail. The second night (Sunday) I got us a reservation. What makes PDT stand out isn’t it’s huge absinthe menu or cool fountains. It’s how you get in. You won’t find a sign to the bar on the street. What you do find is a quaint little gourmet hotdog joint called Crif Dogs. When you walk in you are greeted by a small little restaurant filled with people looking toward a vintage looking phone booth. Wait your turn, walk into the booth, pick up the phone and let the person who answers know your there. Someone will be with you when your reservation is ready. You walk in and have to remove your hat and jacket. We were seated and given a menu. Since we were there for the absinthe, that’s all we took notice of. It has a rather small selection. I ordered the Pernod aux extraits de plantes d’absinthe and Deeann ordered a glass of Emile Pernot “Vieux Pontarlier” Absinthe Francais Superieure. This is another restaurant that louches the absinthe for you. If you don’t want sugar, make sure you tell them up front. The Vieux Pontarlier was nice and Deeann enjoyed her glass. The Pernod was horrid. Nasty stuff. I had heard bad things about the Pernod but wanted to give it a go. When the waitress asked how everything was I told her. She quickly offered another absinthe. She said if your paying for something, you should enjoy it. I ordered up a glass of my favorite St. George Absinthe Verte and enjoyed it to the last drop.

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