Maison Premiere, Brooklyn

Next we walked over to Maison Premiere. As soon as you walk through the doors you are welcomed by a unique fountain. It’s a replica of the fountains found in The Old Absinthe House in New Orleans. It’s unique because it’s the only one that is fully functional and in use. Once we were seated we are presented with the most amazing absinthe menu.
I would say most amazing that I have ever saw, but it’s the ONLY one I have ever seen. The menu pretty much contains every decent absinthe to be had in the US. Deeann orders up a Ridge Distillery Extrait d’Absinthe Verte this time with no sugar. I order up a glass of Jade Liqueurs “Nouvelle-Orleans” Absinthe Superieure. These are pre louched and delivered to us. I would have preferred to louche myself, however they were prepared with a perfect ratio so I can’t really complain. Now, I tasted both of these fine absinthes. Both are amazing. I went back and forth trying to decide my favorite. Well, I have to admit I am now a huge fan of both but my new favorite absinthe is the Nouvelle-Orleans.

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